Student honors & awards

Outstanding Doctoral Student, Outstanding Doctoral Research

Kim Daniloski

Kim Daniloski, marketing student. Daniloski has published journal articles on her research in social marketing, social influence, and analytic methods and has presented her work at national conferences in consumer behavior and marketing and public policy. Her dissertation research has received grant support from the Fralin Life Science Institute and the Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment. Her study explores the impact on adolescent food decision-making of parenting practices (expectations, monitoring, and inducement/enforcement behaviors); parenting style; and family communication style. She received the 2010 ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Grant Award. Her work in social network analysis and influence, in which she examined the role of individual difference factors on leadership emergence, was cited in her nomination for the Doctoral Research Award.

Outstanding Dissertation

Andrew N. Arnette

Andrew N. Arnette (MSIT ’00, MBA ’02, Ph.D./BIT ’10). Arnette, currently teaching at Providence College, received his doctorate last summer. His dissertation, “A Spatial Decision Support System for the Development of Multi-Source Renewable Energy Systems,” is an “excellent example of the type of socially relevant interdisciplinary research that is needed to help address the increasing complexity of decision making in our current business environment,” wrote BIT associate professor Chris Zobel, who chaired Arnette’s committee. His research project creates “a framework for regional decision making that combines geographic information systems with a multi-objective optimization model to determine optimal strategies for renewable energy investment. The research makes an extremely strong theoretical contribution in that it provides a new model to analytically determine the tradeoffs between minimizing costs and minimizing emissions in this environment.” Arnette’s work is the “first of its kind to incorporate both GIS and mathematical modeling at the regional level.”

Graduate Student Teaching

Michele D. Meckfessel, doctoral student in accounting and information systems. Meckfessel has taught Principles of Taxation, Impact of Taxation on Decisions, Intermediate Accounting I, Survey of Accounting, and Introduction to Business Information Systems. Her teaching evaluations are outstanding, notes department head Bob Brown, especially given the difficulty of some of the courses. Her primary research interests are the capital market effects of financial reporting and income taxes. She is writing a dissertation, “Determinants and Consequences of Earnings Disclosure Readability.”

Outstanding Pamplin Senior

Jessica Lynn Guerro, marketing major. On the Dean’s List since 2007, Guerro is active in Student Alumni Associates and is its representative to the Student Government Association. She directed a mentoring program in Delta Delta Delta and has tutored elementary math students since 2003.

H. H. Mitchell Outstanding Leadership Award

Zack Helmintoller, accounting major, global business minor. As president of Beta Alpha Psi, he created the accounting firm partner panel series. He was a Virginia Tech student representative at the 2010 VSCPA Leaders’ Institute, a student delegate at the 2010 ACC Leadership Conference, and director of the Business Horizons planning team.

College Service Award

Sydney Stronko, accounting and finance major. Stronko has served as the student representative on the undergraduate curriculum committee, chaired the corporate correspondence committee on Business Horizons, and has been active in Beta Alpha Psi and the Accounting Society.

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