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Spring 2020 Cover Story

Pamplin's first-ever Engagement Summit took place on Oct. 10-11, 2019 at the Hotel Roanoke.

Fall 2019 Cover Story

Two juniors majoring in business information technology pursue a new academic option—cybersecurity management and analytics.

Spring 2019 Cover Story

Two former students lead a merger to reconstruct something from their past: "a great Virginia-based regional bank," like the ones they once worked for.

According to Pamplin alumnus Mike Clarke, the successful banks of the future will be those that “embrace safety, security, and trust while delivering a client experience that is timely, easy, and exceeds expectations.”

A point Asbury loves to make when calling on business customers: "The buck stops here. Virginia needs a bank where customer needs are decided here and not somewhere else.”

"Bank mergers are an accelerant to achieving critically needed economies of scale, to spread cost out over a larger base of customers, to diversify business risk, and to open new growth market opportunities."

Mary Beth Sullivan has been named one of the top 100 Financial Services Influencers to Follow. The department has benefited from her insights into the curriculum and areas for improvement.

Hometown Hokie Jacob Lutz III, the vice president/president-elect of the Pamplin Advisory Council (PAC), has a vision for Pamplin in which students excel without boundaries.