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College Awards – Faculty

Outstanding Faculty in Doctoral Education

Photograph of Sudip Bhattacharjee

SUDIP BHATTACHARJEE, professor of accounting and information systems, is noted for a hands-on rigorous dissertation process that enables his students to gain positions at large research universities and publish in elite journals. He has chaired five dissertation committees, served on seven others, and worked on second-year research projects with four additional doctoral students. He also is very active in developing and grading Ph.D. comprehensive exams and in evaluating research proposals for awards. He has taught the Behavioral Research in Accounting Seminar for the last four offerings.

Excellence in International Programs

Photograph of Reed Kennedy

REED KENNEDY, associate professor of management practice, served as part-time director of international programs for nearly eight years. He has started five new study-abroad programs., including Pamplin’s first program for service learning. Kennedy has also participated in five Executive MBA international residency trips, helped develop the management department’s semester program at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and led five medical mission trips to Colombia.

International Outreach Excellence

Photograph of Mahmood Khan

MAHMOOD KHAN, professor of hospitality and tourism management, is one of the most widely known scholars in the field of services management. A trailblazer in the establishment of rigorous research methods to study food and beverage options, Khan has an extensive list of research publications. He has received appointments, invitations, and recognitions from 27 countries. Khan is a fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Fulbright Senior Specialist.

Outstanding Faculty in Doctoral Education

Photograph of Cliff Ragsdale

CLIFF RAGSDALE, professor of business information technology, has served on 27 doctoral committees and chaired seven. As the department’s Ph.D. program coordinator, he recruits doctoral candidates, administers first- and second-year assessments, proposes curriculum changes, advocates for funding, and advises students with placement. Ragsdale also teaches one or two entry-level graduate courses each year and works with departmental faculty members to design Ph.D.-level seminar courses.

Annual Faculty Award for Excellence in Research

Photograph of Rajesh Bagchi

RAJESH BAGCHI, professor of marketing and Richard E. Sorensen Jr. Fellow, studies pricing, numerosity, goals, and loyalty rewards. He is co-author of an article on the impact of crowding on calorie consumption, which will be published in the 2018 Journal of Consumer Research. Bagchi received the Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award in 2012.

Annual Faculty Award for Excellence in Research

Photograph of Sudip Bhattacharjee

SUDIP BHATTACHARJEE, professor of accounting and information systems and Konrad W. Kubin Junior Faculty Fellow, examines decision making in accounting and auditing contexts using behavioral decision theory. His research has been published in several top-tier academic journals including the Journal of Accounting Research and The Accounting Review.

Annual Faculty Award for Excellence in Research

Photograph of Frank May

FRANK MAY, assistant professor of marketing, studies time, intertemporal choice, and self-control. He and Bagchi were two of the co-authors of an article discussing time scarcity and wage rates published in the 2017 Journal of Consumer Research. May is also co-author of a forthcoming article in the same journal on the effects of rarity on indulgent consumption.

College Certificates of Teaching Excellence

WILLIAM BECKER, associate professor of management; LAURA CLARK, advanced instructor of business information technology; ELOISE COUPEY, associate professor of marketing; CARA SPICER, associate professor of practice of finance; SARAH STEIN, assistant professor of accounting and information systems; ZHENG “PHIL” XIANG, associate professor of hospitality and tourism.