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Gift Report

Funds Raised

Photograph of Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell (Photo credit: Oliver Meredith).

The Pamplin College of Business raised $13.9 million in new gifts and commitments during fiscal year 2018. “This was more than double FY 17 and an all-time record for Pamplin,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, Pamplin’s assistant dean of advancement. (The university’s grand total for new gifts and commitments during FY 18 was $153 million, exceeding the $135 million goal.)

Total cash received at Pamplin was $10.1 million, compared to $11.7 million, a 12 percent decrease over FY 17, which reflected a significant realized bequest. The overall number of donors to Pamplin in FY 18 increased by 29 percent, Mitchell said. (Pledge payments are not included in the new gifts and commitment numbers.)

Pamplin continues to lead the colleges in philanthropic participation of its undergraduate alumni, achieving 16 percent, an increase over the previous year’s 15.4 percent.

A photo of Ludi and Butch Webber

Ludi and Butch Webber (Photo credit: Logan Wallace).

Global Business and Analytics Complex

Frank W. “Butch” Webber Jr. (BAD ’63), and his wife Ludi, of Midlothian, Virginia, have contributed $500,000 in support of the proposed complex. Webber is the retired president of Chesterfield Auto Parts in the Richmond area. In fall 2017, he and his son Troy shared their family business success story with students and faculty as speakers in the entrepreneur lecture series of the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs.

Giving Day

Photograph of Shirley Edwards

Shirley Edwards (Photo credit: Christina Franusich).

Thousands of donors rallied to support the university on its first-ever Giving Day, last March 20-21.

The 24-hour, noon-to-noon, online fundraising challenge resulted in more than 500 new donors to Pamplin and more than 3,000 new donors to the university.

A special challenge by Shirley Edwards and Jim Hatch helped secure more than 500 donors and raise $113,000 for Pamplin, Mitchell said.

Virginia Tech overall received 5,283 gifts, both online and through other avenues, for a total of $1.62 million during Giving Day. Participants made gifts ranging from $5 to $100,000, supporting 335 different areas of the university.

Photograph of Jim Hatch

Jim Hatch (Photo credit: Logan Wallace).

The event was a milestone for the university, kicking off a new annual giving tradition.

Giving Day 2019 is planned for March 19, beginning at noon and ending at noon on March 20. Save the Date!