The gift honor roll

Outright gifts and pledges of $10,000 or more given to the Pamplin College of Business from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

Individuals $100,000

David P. Clarke (MKTG ’81) and his wife, Christy Clarke
Robert H. Digges (BAD ’59)
James H. Hatch (MACCT ’72)
Estate of Shirley V. Parrish
Raymond Vicks Jr. (ACCT ’81)

Individuals $50,000 - $99,999

David L. Calhoun (ACCT ’79) and Barbara Calhoun
Lynne M. Doughtie (ACCT ’85) and James B. Doughtie (AAEC ’82, M.S., AAEC ’84)
Robert L. Gregory (ACCT ’70) and Mary G. Gregory
Christopher Shean (ACCT ’87), and Lesley Shean (ELED ’88)
Gregory C. Thompson (ACCT ’77) and Kathryn L. Thompson

Individuals $10,000 - $49,999

Gregory E. Aliff (ACCT ’76, MBA ’77) and Allison J. Aliff
C. E. Andrews (ACCT ’74) and Jean Andrews
Robert G. Arnall (ACCT ’81) and Stephanie K. Arnall
Bridget M. Ryan Berman (GBUS ’82) and Roger H. Berman
Paul W. Bice (FIN ’82) and Shari M. Bice (MKTG ’83)
L. Allen Bowman (BAD ’58) and Marilyn B. Bowman
William T. Clark (FIN ’76) and Nancy M. Clark
K. P. Cross
Thomas F. Crump (ACCT ’78, MBA ’80) and Paige B. Crump
Nicholas T. Cullen (FIN ’91) and Melynda A. Cullen (MKTG ’93)
Kendley J. Davenport (PAD ’84, MGT ’84) and Pamela D. Moore (PSYC ’88)
Kimberly Davis-Riffe (ACCT ’91)
Jorge Del Alamo (ACCT ’69)
Chet A. Duke Jr. (BAD ’50)
Shirley A. Edwards (ACCT ’82) and Roger B. Edwards
Katherine P. Fleming (ELED ’74) and P. Marshall Fleming (PSCI ’73)
Estate of Alexander F. Giacco (CE ’42)
William J. Grupe (FIN ’83)
Andrew E. Harrs Sr. and Marian R. Harrs
Robert F. Hogan Jr. (ACCT ’78, MACCT ’80)
Sheila L. Jackson
Stephen M. Jones (BAD ’83, MBA ’85) and Karen H. Jones (HNFE ’84)
Michael J. Kosciusko (FIN ’87) and Kathleen Kosciusko
Mark W. Krivoruchka (MGT ’76, MBA ’81) and Terry B. Krivoruchka
Kevin L. Lane (ACCT ’95, MACCT ’00) and Lisa D. Lane (MACCT ’00)
Daniel R. Lasik (ACCT ’86) and Nancy J. Lasik (ELED ’87)
William H. Lavinder (FIN ’79, MGT ’79) and Joyce Lavinder
Carman J. Liuzzo (ACCT ’83) and Rebecca Liuzzo
Jacob A. Lutz (FIN ’78) and Robin R. Lutz
Mary F. McVay (ACCT ’78, MBA ’81) and Theodore R. Rosenberg
Floyd W. Merryman III (MGT ’81)
J. Frederick Merz (ACCT ’57)
Robert C. Morris Jr. (ACCT ’80) and Alicia M. Morris
Estate of William L. Owens (BAD ’60, M.S., ECON ’61)
James E. Pearman Jr. (ACCT ’70) and Brenda K. Pearman
Steven C. Pierson (FIN ’90) and Stacy B. Krieger
Bruce A. Riggins (ACCT ’94) and Mara C. Riggins
Robert J. Robertory (ESM ’87, MBA ’89) and Paige Robertory
David J. Ryan (ACCT ’89) and Judith C. Ryan (ACCT ’89)
John H. Saunders (ACCT ’79) and Danielle O. Saunders
William B. Schwartz (ACCT ’89) and Lorraine H. Reale
Christopher D. Smith (FIN ’86)
Richard E. Sorensen and Carol A. Sorensen
Robert F. Thorndike (FIN ’84) and Traci L. Thorndike (FCD ’85)
Scott R. Wells (MKTG ’91) and Mary K. Wells
Richard R. Whitt (ACCT ’87) and Jeanne C. Whitt (ACCT ’87)
Annette A. Willis (ACCT ’84) and James S. Willis III (GEOL ’84, M.S., CE ’88)
Linda F. Winder (FIN ’87) and Timothy C. Winder (ACCT ’87)
Paul A. Wohlleben (FIN ’72) and Sharon E. Wohlleben
Chris M. Xystros (ACCT ’84) and Cheryl L. Xystros

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations $10,000

Altria Group
BB&T Corporation
GE Appliances
Grant Thornton
Kantner Foundation
Leonard Family Foundation
Mike Naff Memorial Golf Tournament
Target Corporation
Virginia-Carolinas Scholarship Foundation Trust


Thomas W. Cason (FW ’77, FIW ’80, MBA ’82) and Carol P. Cason
David P. Clarke (MKTG ’81) and Christy Clarke
Katherine E. Ramsey (IS ’86)

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