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Dean Sumichrast
Dean Sumichrast

Among our activities at Pamplin this fall are preparations to mark the college’s 50th anniversary. Business became one of the colleges of the university in 1965. We will be celebrating the accomplishments of our first half century next year and looking forward to our next half century. You will hear more from us via email, the web, and in other ways, as we finalize our celebration plans and invite you to take part.

50 years of achievements

Pamplin has made much progress in these 50 years. Certainly our most recent year has been eventful. One key accomplishment has been the creation of a new strategic plan, which can be summarized with four goals:

  • Provide Pamplin students the best educational experience available anywhere,
  • Strengthen Pamplin’s reputation as one of the leading sources of knowledge in business,
  • Create one of the most innovative facilities for business education in the country, and
  • Develop greater pride in the Pamplin community.

Achieving the first goal requires that we recruit intelligent, motivated students and have great faculty and staff to teach and mentor them. We also need participation from alumni and other business leaders in these activities.

Education outside the classroom

Pamplin looks at education broadly and includes quality experiences such as internships and study abroad along with traditional courses. Educational success will be seen in the careers of our graduates and in their opinions of the Pamplin learning experience.

It will maintain strategic partnerships that can increase resources for Virginia Tech and establish interdisciplinary partnerships that create a collaborative and an experiential learning environment.

Fully implementing our broad concept of delivering a great, well-rounded education can only be achieved using facilities that support a range of activities for groups and individuals.

Investing in facilities

Last semester, we pushed the limits of Pamplin Hall, transforming its atrium into a space where students can network and study. This investment of about $100,000 has paid off nicely, as anyone who has been in the building since can confirm — students are taking advantage of the space anytime Pamplin Hall is open.

However, we need a more substantial investment, which will provide more than seating for 100 of Pamplin’s more than 4,000 students. We need facilities that have space to include all business departments and promote a sense of community.

The facilities we desire would allow instructors to immediately send students to work on cases in project rooms after discussing relevant material in a class. They would provide the technology for students to manage portfolios, analyze data from social media, and participate in high-quality conferencing with business leaders from around the world.

Enhancing alumni pride

Virginia Tech alumni are the most loyal anywhere. The improvements we are making in Pamplin, including improving the education for our students, enhancing the research of our faculty, and developing the environment to support these activities will create even greater pride in the Pamplin community.

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