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The college hosted the following speakers last spring

Bill Bradley

Cutchins Distinguished Lecture, “Leadership in a Changing World.”

Former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, Basketball Hall of Famer, Olympic gold medalist, Rhodes Scholar, and bestselling author Bill Bradley discussed American politics, culture, leadership, and ethics in his talk, “Leadership in a Changing World.”
Greg Ip

BB&T Distinguished Lecture, “The Post-Crisis American Economy.”

Greg Ip, U.S. economics editor for The Economist, discussed “The Post-Crisis American Economy.”
Robert F. Hogan Jr.

Wachovia Distinguished Lecture, “Hokie Education — Foundation for Growth.”

Robert F. Hogan Jr. (ACCT ’78, MACCT ’80), president and chief executive officer of AmerCable Inc., discussed his career and the cable manufacturing industry in “Hokie Education — Foundation for Growth.”
Deborah Martin Petrine

Wachovia Distinguished Lecture, “Secretary to Owner: The Road to Ownership with a Few Bumps in Between.”

Deborah Martin Petrine (MGT ’78), president of Commonwealth Care, discussed her career in health care in her talk, “Secretary to Owner: The Road to Ownership with a Few Bumps in Between.”
Jack Radke

Business Ethics Conference, “Ethical Leadership: The Power of One.”

Attorney Jack Radke gave the guest lecture, “Ethical Leadership: The Power of One.” Radke is a former chief ethics officer for UnitedHealth Group and former director of ethics for H.J. Heinz Company.

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