Fall is the new summer

Hospitality and tourism management professor Ken McCleary
HTM professor Ken McCleary

Fall is not generally considered prime vacation season, but a case study by hospitality and tourism management professor Ken McCleary and his former graduate student Margaret A. Peercy (M.S./HTM ’07) has found that families with children in year-round schools are shifting their traditional summer holiday travel to other seasons, particularly the fall.

“The traditional summer vacation structure is being affected, positively and negatively, as more schools across the nation adopt the year-round school calendar,” say McCleary and Peercy, whose study was published in the May 2011 issue of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research.

The increasing popularity of year-round school has been attributed to several factors, including a desire to raise educational standards and the need to ease classroom overcrowding, McCleary and Peercy wrote. “When year-round school is implemented, its impact on leisure travel is felt when it comes to who goes on a family vacation, when and where families take vacations, and the length of the vacation.”

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