Major gifts

Eanes scholarships

Jasper R. Eanes (ACCT ’67) and Allyn Goody-koontz Eanes (ELED ’73), of Blacksburg, Va., have contributed $50,000 to create the Douglas R. Eanes Memorial Scholarship in honor of Jasper’s uncle. The couple, who are longtime supporters of the college, have also added to the Jasper R. and Allyn G. Eanes Scholarship in Accounting, established in 2000.

West BASIS fund

William H. West Jr. (ACCT ’86) and his wife Mary Jane (FIN ’85), of Glen Allen, Va., have pledged $100,000 to Pamplin to establish the William H. West Jr. and Mary Jane West BASIS Excellence Fund to support Bond And SeĀ­curities Investing by Students (BASIS), a student-investor group. William West, previously with Wachovia, is managing director of Investure LLC in Charlottesville, Va. Mary Jane West is a former wholesale manager with Ryland Mortgage Co.

Davenport, Moore gifts

Kendley J. Davenport (MGT ’84, PAD ’84) and Pamela D. Moore (PSYC ’88), of Chicago, have pledged $50,000 to establish the Kendley Davenport and Pamela Moore Leadership Development Fund in Hospitality and TourĀ­ism Management. Davenport and Moore have also made an additional $50,000 bequest commitment to the college. Davenport is a senior vice president for Sodexo USA’s school services division. He currently serves on the hospitality and tourism department’s advisory board.

Kosciusko gift to Finance

Michael J. Kosciusko (FIN ’87) has pledged $50,000 to create an excellence fund in finance, to be used at the discretion of the department head to support administration of the department. Kosciusko is managing director of Bank of America NA. He and his wife Kathleen live in Manhasset, N.Y.

Liuzzo ACIS gift

Carman J. Liuzzo (ACCT ’83) and Rebecca Liuzzo, of Cary, N.C., have pledged $50,000 to create an excellence fund in accounting and information systems. Income distributions from the fund will be used to support administration of the department. Carman Liuzzo is vice president of Highwoods Properties Inc.

Whitt scholarship

Richard R. Whitt III (ACCT ’87) and Jeanne C. Whitt (ACCT ’87), of Glen Allen, Va., have pledged $50,000 to establish the Virginia Owen Williams Memorial Scholarship in the accounting and information systems department in honor of Richard Whitt’s grandmother. He is senior vice president and chief financial officer of Markel Corporation. Whitt has served in various roles at Markel, which markets and underwrites specialty insurance products and programs. He visited Pamplin as a Wachovia Distinguished Speaker last fall.

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